Baby and Child Hand and Foot
Prints and Imprints

New Mummies and Daddies, if possible please phone ahead to book to do baby prints - especially if a few of your are coming together. We often get quite large group bookings and we want to give you lots and lots of advice and help, especially on your first visit.  Many thanks!

Your child's hand or foot print, captured forever on pottery or in a three-dimensional imprint; what a wonderful keepsake of this precious time in their life.

We'll give you all the help you need to make the keepsake of a lifetime; and for painted prints on glazed & fired items we can add lettering or artwork to the piece for you if you like, at a modest extra charge. 

In fact we specialise in making unique designs out of little hand and foot prints; you'll be amazed at what those imprints can become!  The gallery further down this page shows just a few examples of what's possible; and on the Clocks page of this website you can see more examples of unique designs from children's hand and finger prints.

Three-dimensional imprints can be framed or mounted, either on their own or along with a photo, to capture that moment in time in a truly stunning display piece.
It's never too soon to capture a baby footprint.  Little Mathilda was just a few days old and she took to it like a pro!
Capturing a baby's footprints at 3, 6, 9 & 12 months is a great way to make a unique clock marking their first year.  We supply all the parts required, and do all the work for you; you just lend us a hand (or a foot) every 3 months! 



Hand and foot prints can become flowers and bees.....
Or a lion.....
Or a rocket.....
Or a cat.....
Or a train.....
Even a farm!!
Or just create a funky design.....
And maybe add a special message.
Faith's fingerprints made the cutest little fishes on this mug that she made as a gift her her Grandpa!
Our dedicated Baby Zone makes it just so easy. It has all the facilities you need to be able to just relax and enjoy your time with us, while your unique piece of pottery is created.
Lucas and his few-month-old pals made this lovely plate, with their footprints in the shape of flower petals around Lucas's handprint in the middle. What a great keepsake!
Our photo frame takes a 4" x 6" (10 x 15cm) photo; and can be used either in portrait format as with Eddie here, or in landscape format as with our rocket design above.
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